Quiet Hollers Invest Brilliantly In Madonna’s “Material Girl”

Quiet Hollers, a band known for their hook-heavy riffs and smart rock sensibility are currently enjoying the success of their self-titled album, produced by Kevin Ratterman, (My Morning Jacket, Murder By Death).

With an expanding, smarter-than-average fan base, and a reputation for rocking hard on the road, it made absolute sense for the band to maintain the momentum of their current project, and celebrate their fall 2015 tour with a cover version of the Madonna classic, “Material Girl”. Yes. That makes sense. Doesn’t it?

To get to the bottom of just what’s going on ARTIST Direct asked lead singer Shadwick Wilde to explain himself, and introduce one of the most hauntingly beautiful Madonna covers that you’ll have heard in some time.

Shadwick Wilde: The idea for the band covering this hot Madge track came from a fan with a deeply cruel sense of humor. As you may have guessed from certain of my tattoos, pop music is not my favorite thing in the world. But although I groaned and complained at first, the song really grew on me. Or maybe more accurately, I mangled the song into something more akin to my worldview. I wanted to do a hip-hop style video, but that didn’t really work. We shot this in one take, obviously, late one night after rehearsal. We used real money. It was actually all the money we had left at the time. There are actually a few hundos in there… and Pounds Sterling too, old chap! Thanks for watching. We are idiots.

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