King Washington Premiere “Superman” Video

The Californian rock band introduce their heroic new track of creative heart & classic harmonies

Drawing from diverse influences such as Grizzly Bear, The Talking Heads, The Beatles and Crosby, Stills & Nash, Los Angeles’ own King Washington are in the midst of creating the New California sound. By fusing classic vocal harmonies and lyrical melodies with a contemporary approach to songwriting, King Washington has created a unique sound that is as creative as it is familiar.

Members Tyson Kelly (guitar, keys, vocals), George Krikes (lead guitar, vocals), Billy Lee (bass, vocals) and David Contreras (drums) have toured extensively and have shared the stage with the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, Collective Soul and Ambrosia. With the release of the third studio album, Potential, the band plans on continuing the trend of blowing audiences away with one of the top live shows in LA – ready to take on the world.

Here, for the first time, ARTISTdirect is happy to premiere “Superman” the new video from King Washington. We invited Tyson Kelly to introduce the song and the video in his own words – here’s what he had to say…

Tyson Kelly:

“The song:

‘Superman” is ultimately about feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Being an artist in modern music, you write and write and put in so much work to something you believe in, yet are not always yielding the results that you may expect or hope for, and it can be discouraging. The song captures this frustration; the feeling of however hard you try to please someone, there will always be something that will be weighing you down, making you think you’re not good enough. There is an underlying message that good things come to those who persevere.​

​”Superman” evolved along with a grouping of songs on the new record when I was traveling on a three month tour across Canada with the Broadway flop Let It Be in the dead of winter 2015. Missing the act of playing my own music, I would write in the empty dressing rooms on the days I wasn’t playing John (Lennon). The verse, I eventually discovered, is an adaptation of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. When forming the lyric, I was worn down from doing show after show of Beatles music and tearing my voice up signing “Twist and Shout” night after night; waiting my turn to be up there singing my/our own music.

The music video:

The video follows artist Danielle Lee through her day as an aspiring artist. Her day job, trips to art galleries, perfecting her craft in her apartment, seeking escape at the bar… a realistic portrait of an artist seeking inspiration to create and survive.”

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