Jeb Loy Nichols Introduces “That’s How We’re Living”

The cult singer brings country flavors to his song that reflects the times

Jeb Loy Nichols is preparing to launch his new album Country Hustle, a collection of tunes that reach back to the roots of the artist. A man known for traversing genres, and a variety of artistic mediums, Jeb has explored some core experiences shared by westerners in the current political landscape, and has shared his reflections of the process. The result is an album of varying textures, of songs that demand voices and a direction that is aimed on unity.

Leading the album is new track “That’s How We’re Living”, which was written back in the UK, in the wake of the Brexit vote and a shift in the political waters. Jeb speaks to the everyman about the common experience and points to an observation that’s as clear as writing on the wall.

ARTISTdirect invited Jeb Loy Nichols to introduce “That’s How We’re Living” in his own words… and this is what he said:

Jeb Loy Nichols

“I wrote this song the summer before Trump was elected. I’d been in London to visit a friend and he was telling me about his hard times. London, he said, had become indefensible. A kennel of rich dullards. All that was stealable was stolen; all that was sellable was sold. There were only, at all times, cheap and chronic negotiations. Up and down they paraded, these fresh citizens, these oligarchs, these land grabbers. The stink of good fortune on them. He watched them, mystified, and realized that, as long as he remained amongst them, he would be an anachronism, a malingerer.

The neighbourhood where he had lived is entire life was over full and always loud; the hecticness unbearable.

The things he loved were no longer of value. They were muck. He had become an irrelevance in his own neighbourhood.

I wrote this song for him. For him and his kind. For all those who had been promised more. How many times had I heard people say: “work hard and you’ll get ahead” It’s a lie. A dull, dreary lie. Those who work the hardest, who build the cities, who clean them, who toil in the factories, who believe in hard work, who make cheap clothes and cheap food, get left behind. That’s the way it is.

That’s how we’re living.”

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