AMFMS Introduce Elemental “The Girl” Video

AMFMS have been slowly stirring things along the east coast. With a modern take on the hairy garage sounds of old their tunes have a grubby chic of authenticity that favors grit over polish and passion over over-analysis.

With a growing reputation for putting on a hell of a live show the AMFMS have been enjoying the support of sweaty rock fans and a home at Warm & Alive Records who will be releasing the band’s new Captive EP on January 15th 2016.  As a taste of potential trajectory the EP is a solid issue of swagger and precision, and textured guitars dress percussive excellence beneath a sequence of lyrics that alternate between realities and aspirations. Grim and promising stuff.


“Some songs you toil over and some just come to you like a ghost. The day before we recorded, just while the weather was turning, the lead guitarist, Kit had taken us out on his small sailing boat into the Chesapeake Bay. I had been holed up in a basement of a house sitting on a nature preserve which someone had allowed us to use as a makeshift recording studio, so all our old guitars and amps were in there, and the weather was turning bad, and rain and sleet were coming up off the Chesapeake.

It all set a mood and we knocked this song out live in the course of about an hour, all based upon this whistling guitar part that seemed to go with the weather.

The wind was howling in the windows, and I was feverish due to the kindness of strangers and a girl on my mind back home, haunting me in every city I went. There was a XII string acoustic sitting upstairs a jangly, Byrds sounding guitar from the 60’s and I laid it into the song, and it all made sense. It sounded like a sailors song. It sounded like noir, because it all was, really. We set to chanting and tried to really summon something.

 The film footage fell in the same way, at night in the rain and cold, with two local ne’er do well sailors we got drunk and recruited in a handmade mahogany boat; and the beautiful girl, who is an artist herself in necessary exile from South America, all trying to recreate a little noir film of man’s ruin … And the ivory razor is real.”

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