Tayler Buono Talks “Something About You”

Tayler Buono is only just starting out on her musical journey, and yet she’s being catapulted in a very telling trajectory. With her single “Technically Single” passing 18 million streams on Spotify, and an audience that has been following her from her very first steps, the Nashville native is looking toward 2017, and the promise of a debut album with a great deal of hope. 

With her latest single, “Something About You” also making impact on radio, streaming services and with listeners eager for more, ARTISTdirect thought it wise to speak with Tayler as she’s in LA working on new music and looking forward to starting next year with a bang.

Where are you right now?

I’m currently in LA in the studio working on new music, writing, and recording.

Tell us about your new project: Who did you work with? Where was it recorded? What’s it about? Is there candy?

I’ve been working a lot with these producers in LA called The Gifted. They’re super talented and great guys. I write my songs from personal experiences. A lot of them are about my journey through a certain romantic relationship that’s in my life. I’m a deep thinker and emotional human being so that def comes through in my music.

How do you describe your music to new friends?

I’d say it’s pop, a little urban and EDM influenced, and emotional.

Other than your music what should your hometown be known for?

Other than country music, Nashville should also be known for pop music. The pop music scene is growing a lot in Nashville.

Please look around you right now and please describe the first item or person you see that’s significant to you.

If I look around me right now the first item I see is a Starbucks latte. I’m currently sitting at Starbucks answering this interview as I’m about to head to a writing session.

What first inspired you to pursue music? If it was a musician or a specific piece of music, please tell us all about why you find it so inspirational…

I’ve been drawn to music ever since I can remember. I became obsessed with it when I was about 14 after I started writing songs on my guitar. I remember being in 8th grade watching a video of Bono for the first time and feeling my heart beat out of my chest. His epic message and presence in his music really moved me.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you about pursuing a life in music?

The best advice anyone has ever given me about pursuing a life in music was from a producer I worked with back when I was 17 years old. I was just getting started and he told me the only difference between me and some big artist is that we’re at a different part of the journey. 

The point was to enjoy every part of the journey. It’s not just about someday arriving and making it big. The journey is now and I get to make music and do what I love every step of the way.

Not including your current crew, who (alive or dead) would you love to have in your van for an all day drive from gig to gig?

Someone I’d love to have in my van for an all day drive from gig to gig would be Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy. That would be constant entertainment and laughter.

What song best sums up your life right now?

A song that sums up my life right now would probably be “Love on the Weekend” by John Mayer. Love that song.

What is the best reaction to your music you have experienced so far?

The best reaction to my music so far has probably been “Technically Single” passing 18 million streams on Spotify.

Take a moment to dream – Where do hope to be a year from now?

A year from now I hope to have an album out and be on tour.

What’s your next step towards that dream?

I’m currently writing and recording and going to start putting my show together at the beginning of 2017. 

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