Sleep Party People Share “The Missing Steps”

Brian Batz introduces the first song from his new dream pop album

Sleep Party People are preparing to release their new album, Lingering, due out June 2 2017 through Joyful Noise Recordings. Written, recorded, produced and performed entirely by Danish multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz, the album features collaborations with The Antlers’ Peter Silberman & Air vocalist Beth Hirsch.

Sleep Party People’s fourth studio album, and the first release since 2014’s Floating this new collection of songs seems more pressing – with an easy urgency of dream pop and a deliberation of a songwriter truly going deep into his craft.

New song, “The Missing Steps” is the first track taken from Lingering, so ARTISTdirect invited Brian Batz to speak a little on the inspiration, ideas and execution of the piece. Here’s what he said:

Brian Batz:

“Writing a love song can be very difficult, because everything sounds like a cliché when you write it in words. But when I met this special person and we fell in love, I knew I had to write her a song although I was very aware of the difficulties in doing just that. The end result became kind of corny and naïve, but also very sweet and sincere, and I actually think that was exactly what I was aiming for in the lyrics. Nothing intellectual, just simple and straight forward sentences about love, which you can understand and relate to right away.

The demo version of this song had a slower beat, but because it became such a positive song, I needed a different and more uptempo feel to it. And I’ve always been a huge fan of the beat in Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles so I basically stole that beat and implemented that in the song when we recorded the drums. The beat gave new life to the song and left me hungry for more, which is why I went all-in and recorded the gospel choir sung by a group of very talented people from Irah, Cody, Hymns From Nineveh, Disa and Luster. That session was insane in the best possible way. Amen.

The director Christina Amundsen and her amazing team had a brilliant idea for the video. They wanted to create a melancholic love story of two people becoming part of a mountain and growing together with nature in a parallel world. It was inspired by the mount olympus from greek mythology and Christina’s newly found fascination of cryopreservation. The idea of a couple preserving their bodies together in a mountain in case they could be brought back together. The team used a lot of time shooting closeups of the two human bodies and then merging them into the digital mountain landscape, which ended up symbolising the ultimate love.”

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