Roses & Revolutions Introduce “Moment”

Upstate New York duo share their new music video

Roses and Revolutions

Roses & Revolutions were birthed out of Upper New York. Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt came across one another as members of a bigger multi-instrumental band, and, despite obvious differences, recognized a kindred spirit in one another.

The duo honed their sound in the lush, natural beauty that spreads itself across the Empire State’s upper corridor. It’s a collaboration that is very much beauty and the beast, Coco’s sensuous and arresting vocals take the foreground, while Merritt rages behind the scenes.

ARTISTdirect invited Roses & Revolutions to share their new music video for “Moment”. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Roses and Revolutions Interview

Roses & Revolutions:

“We wrote “Moment” at the beginning of 2017. It deals with the anxiety that uncertainty brings and how a spiral of questions can turn a world upside down. In the midst of all the confusion, sometimes the only way to stabilize is to focus on a moment when everything was right. 

The video concept was all about staying simple… We wanted a vibey, semi-performance of the song. Our label set us up with Growl Productions in LA, and they suggested we speed the song up to an insanely fast tempo and shoot to that. It would then be slowed down to the original speed during editing, giving it an unnatural effect. It was definitely a challenge trying to sing all the words at such a fast tempo! We had a great time filming, as it’s our first music video!”

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