Michael Blume Introduces “Colors”

Michael Blume is enjoying a very warm reception for his debut, the captivating When I Get It Right EP which was released back in July. Having already drawn comparison to Frank Ocean, his soulful vocal approach and social lyricism speaks well to the high praise.

Marrying Blume’s passion of politics, travel and LGBT Rights When I Get It Right is a shrewd first step from an artist who appears set on a high trajectory. ARTISTdirect caught up with Michael, with an invitation for him to introduce his new video “Colors”

Michael Blume:

“Making the “Colors” video was a highlight of my artistic experiences; I had never made a music video before, and it was such a joy to collaborate with folks from diverse mediums including film, makeup, dance, fashion, storytelling. Luca Repola, the amazing young director of the video, reached out to me just days after a friend had hipped me to Luca’s work! So it was a crazy coincidence of timing and felt very right to get together with Luca. 

We spent weeks drawing up mood boards and planning out the look and feel of the video, and we shot the whole thing in a day. It was wildly exciting and an awesome creative endeavor for me. The video is abstract, bringing the song to life with vibrant visuals that contrast a dark stormy space with one full of life and light. The journey from one space to another — and the trust and faith it takes to make that journey — is what Colors is all about.”

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