Mags Duval Introduces “Stay Lonely”

The Nashville native brings personal take to her new video about love, connection & loss

Mags Duval is having a good time. You may have heard her tunes on the CW’s Pretty Little Liars, or read high praise for her debut album, Vignette, in the pages of Rolling Stone or Esquire.

Duval is a songwriter of smart insights and accessible melodies. While she does explore the deeper personal issues that mark the tradition of her genre there’s no mistake that the pop-leaning sensibilities make for a mature exploration of the areas where one world ends and another starts.

Duval’s recent song “Stay Lonely” continues her artful journey through strong imagery, parred down imagery and offers a measure of what the critics love.

ARTISTdirect invited Mags to introduce “Stay Lonely” and offer some insight into the process of putting the song, and accompanying video together. Here’s what she said:

Mags Duval:

“I wrote “Stay Lonely” sitting on my bedroom floor at 3AM on a guitar I bought for $50 at a local flea market. The overall sentiment of the song is about the internal conflict I was having of not necessarily wanting to be with someone, but not wanting them to be with someone else. The opening line really says it all to me, “I don’t love you enough to be your lover, but I love you too much to be your friend.”

I knew I wanted the video to be rather dark and moody and really dramatically play up the feeling of being conflicted over somebody. Collaborating with director, Matthew DeLisi, on this was such an amazing experience. We wanted the video to represent the emptiness of being with the wrong person and the longing for something real.

The flashbacks of me in the car and at the dinner table with my love-interest then cut to the reality of me with a mannequin. The mannequin represents a bleak, lifeless relationship that you know just isn’t right. We filmed the video in Nashville, which I was so happy about because I live here and I wrote the song here so that was very important to me.

In the parking lot scene, you can even see a little bit of the Nashville skyline. Probably the funniest part of filming the video was when we were driving around downtown and I was in the backseat of the car with the mannequin…we got some pretty interesting looks at red lights! I wanted the storyline to feel a little bit artistic and vague in some ways so that people could put their own life experiences and storylines to the song. I’m so proud of how this video came out and how it brought “Stay Lonely” to life.”

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