JW Sargent Premieres “Run”

Philadelphia-based alternative indie singer-songwriter JW Sargent, just released his debut EP, In Retrograde. The material has been critically lauded as a solid representation, not only of where the artist stands at the moment, but also as showing what’s possible in the future for a man that appears to walk a high wire, balancing shrewd lyrics and immediately affecting music. 

Across the four tracks of the EP Sargent brings a sense of urgency, densely populating the space with a collection of contrasting shades – there is darkness, there is hope, and most of all there is craft and a sense of human proportion that brings concepts down to a personally involving perspective.

ARTISTdirect caught up with JW Sargent and invited him to introduce the premiere to his new video, “Run” taken from the In Retrograde EP, here’s what he said…

JW Sargent: I wrote “Run” during a particularly crazy period in my life. There was so much going on and I felt like I was working so hard but not seeing any tangible progress. This made me think back to when times felt more simple and life wasn’t as complicated and chaotic. We tried to represent this idea in the video, directed by Taylor DeYoung, with the juxtaposition of dark confinement and bright, open nature.

The video tries to showcase the journey out of this symbolic prison of sorts to a place of freedom and simplicity in which the pulsing light is a representation of the force or motivation to chase this desire. We came up with the concept for the video and shot around the time Stranger Things was released and wanted to incorporate an element from the show. We thought that their use of lights as a medium between two worlds would be really cool since we were trying to make a similar comparison.

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