JoLivi Introduces “Love Who You Wanna Love”

From Hawaii to Hot AC & beyond, the singer songwriter shares her new culturally-minded pop

JoLivi cites Alanis Morissette and Gwen Stefani as heroines, and while she does share some of the hook-heavy sensibilities to songwriting, it is more her social awareness that the Hawaiian singer shares with those women. Her approach to electro-pop and radio-friendly tunes is built on a broader concern for social justice and the rights of all peoples – she is not the typical radio-fodder of female stars that populate the airwaves.

In her latest track “Love Who You Wanna Love” JoLivi explores the cause, but also an approach to combatting the prejudices that can be built up around the human experience. ARTISTdirect invited the island girl to introduce her new song, and offer some insight into the process. Here’s what she said:


“I wrote ‘Love Who You Wanna Love’ about 8 months ago while going through some changes in the way I view love and who I wanted to be loved by. It had many different paths and finally found its rightful place. Loving whoever you want whenever you want without any judgement. To remember that your life is your own and you only live one of them.

With the concept for the video I wanted to show the lyrics through different relationships: gay couple, lesbian couple, and couples of different ethnicities. I also, wanted to show the diversity in age, race, gender, and size… That no matter who we are, where we are from, and what we do or look like, we are all still human and should always treat each other with love and respect. My character in the music video was that of an angel or “pied piper” (without the negative relation of luring rats or children) THE GOOD “pied piper.” The one that leads everyone together. A vision of hope!. All of the couples you see in the video are all real life couples and two of the couples are my best friends and roommates. It was such an amazing experience to be able to have them there and for them to see what I do. I am so unbelievably proud of the message this song and video express, and I truly believe that LOVE is so important to spread. Especially with what we are going through right now with a divide in our societies, we must come together, and be who want to be, love who we want to love, and change whatever we feel is necessary.”

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