Oliver Goes “Full Circle”

Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein discuss the music that influenced their beats

Oliver Interview

Producer/DJ Duo Oliver is set to release their debut album Full Circle in just a couple weeks. They’ve already shared “Heart Attack” featuring hip hop legends De La Soul, and their collaboration with MNDR, “Chemicals”. Made up of Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein, the duo are set to light dance floors ablaze with the new record.

After years working as producers and DJing, the twosome linked up in Los Angeles and began producing EPs. Three extended play records later and they are continuing to grow at a faster and faster rate. They have been embraced by some of the most fascinating names in the music scene, such as Busy P, Justice, Destructo, and A-Trak, who dropped EPs Mechanical and Light Years Away on his Fool’s Gold record label.

ARTIST direct caught up with both Olivers to discuss the songs that influenced their sound, learn about the music they grew up on, and find out about the tracks they feel most guilty for loving.

First single I bought…

Vaughn: The first single I ever bought was a cassette single of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock “It Takes Two”. I went to the record store and just asked if they had any “rap” music, he said that tape was the hottest thing out at the moment.

Oliver: I don’t remember the first single I bought but the first record I bought was Michael Jackson’s “BAD”

First live show I attended…

Vaughn: I snuck into an MC hammer concert in 1991, it was crazy because I lived in a small town (Penticton B.C.) and we never got big artists doing concerts there. This was at Hammers peak too so the entire town got over run by college kids and there ended up being a riot after the concert. There was this concession stand by the lake called “the peach” because it was shaped like a giant peach, it was kind of a landmark in our town and during the riot a bunch of guys pushed and rolled it into the lake, I’ll never forget that. They stopped having big concerts after that went down.

Oliver: my first show was Metallica at the Forum, I was a huge fan when I was a kid.

First song I learned to play…

Vaughn: Ol’ Dirty B****** “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” that was my go to move if somebody had a piano at there house.

Oliver: I think it was “Smoke On The Water” or something like that. Classic guitar riff.

The song that encouraged me to learn my instrument of choice…

Vaughn: My first instrument would be the turntables I guess. Hearing DJ Premier scratch on a record was what started this whole music journey for me. I didn’t even know what the sound was I just thought it sounded interesting and I wanted to try it. It wasn’t till years later that I started learning to play keyboards.

Oliver: I remember listening to a lot of heavy metal as a kid, was really into Metallica and Guns N Roses etc. so I started playing guitar but I had taken piano lessons when I was really young.

The song that reminds me of home…

Vaughn: So many songs bring me back to a certain point in my life, I think that’s one of the most beautiful things about music. For me it’s more about the albums that I listened to on repeat, a few that come to mind are TCQ “Midnight Marauders”, Jimmy Cliff “The Harder They Come”, Wu-Tang “36 Chambers, Aphex Twin “Richard D James”, so many 80s pop records too…

Oliver: I think anything off of “Midnight Marauders” by Tribe really reminds me of home.

My guilty secret track…

Vaughn: I don’t feel guilty about any of the music I like now but when I was young I definitely did, probably something like SoulDecision “Faded” or Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” basically anything that was pop and wasn’t hip-hop was corny to me, I thought I was so hardcore. I’ll never turn my nose up at a good pop record now, I have so much respect for anybody that can write songs that are that resonate with so many people.

Oliver: I don’t feel too guilty about it but I do like a lot of yacht rock, like Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross etc.

The song I wish I wrote…

Vaughn: Michael Jackson “Human Nature”

Oliver: “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys

The finest song from my all time hero…

Vaughn: Prince “I Would Die 4 U”

Oliver: “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys

The song I’ve written of which I’m most proud…

Vaughn: I’m proud of most of the music we’ve made over the years. That’s a difficult question because by the time the music gets released I’m usually so sick of hearing it after working on it for so long. Nothing really sticks out to me, I like to think about what’s next rather than thinking about the past. I will say that I’m most proud of our album, it was the most challenging project we’ve ever done.

Oliver: I would say “Heart Attack” from our current album, we are so blessed that we got our heroes De La Soul to feature on the song and I think it just sounds really different than anything else that’s out right now.

The song that should be played at my funeral…

Vaughn: Probably a lot of Chic and James Brown records, keep it light and fun.

Oliver: McCoy Tyner – “You Taught My Heart To Sing”

My favorite track from my most recent project…

Vaughn: My favorite off of the album at the moment is “Space & Sound”.

Oliver: I’m gonna say “At Night” from our album. It was a little track idea that we started a long time ago and decided to revive and add to the album so it has some sentimental value and it’s just easy to listen to.

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