Maroon 5, Prophets Of Rage, The Roots & More Tell Us What They’re Thankful For

Tove Styrke, Yelle, Deap Vally, Nick Waterhouse, Deer Tick, Ibeyi, Big Head Todd and the Monsters join us in discussing what they are grateful for

Artists Thanksgiving Interviews

Today is Thanksgiving and while you are shoveling turkey, stuffing, or your favorite side dish into your mouth, it’s important to keep in mind all we’ve got to be thankful for. From good health, family, and friends, to the freedom to speak our minds, this year there are many reason to be filled with gratitude.

Artists are no different. Over the past several months we’ve asked a variety of artists one singular question, “In 2017, what are you thankful for?”

Prophets of Rage, Tove Styrke, Yelle, Deap Vally, Nick Waterhouse, The Roots, Deer Tick, Ibeyi, Maroon 5, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters all reflected about the past year and told us what they are most thankful for.

ARTISTdirect: In 2017, what are you thankful for?

Prophets of Rage (Tim Commerford): In 2017, I’m thankful for the world and the opportunity that anyone can be president and that is very exciting for me for the future. And I’m also very excited about the Prophets of Rage record that’s coming out in like a day and I’m really excited about that and what that means.

Tove Styrke: This year has been weird [laughs]. I’m thankful for… the thing is I’m always really thankful that I get to do this thing and I can sort of survive on music, and that people keep showing up to my shows and keep waiting for new music. I’m really thankful for that.

Yelle: It was a weird year for us because we were not on tour, but we did some shows. We were not on a new record, but we had some songs out. It’s actually a year of changes for me. A lot things happened. Things disappeared. I lost my dog, my old dog last week, and it was something really hard to deal with. But I feel 2017 is a year of changes, and I was kind of afraid of that, of everything moving and everything is new and you have to start to work differently and you have to start new things, and it’s really exciting, but at the same time it’s scary.

Actually I’m really thankful because I feel I’m growing up with different experiences and I think it really helps me to just grow up and to be a different person, not different, but maybe more aware of what is happening around me, maybe more aware of my feelings. Maybe I trust myself a little bit more, and maybe it’s going to be a new step for me, and I’m really happy of what I can touch in this new thing, even if it’s hard, even if it’s sometimes painful and sad, but I feel I have to go through that to get better and be a better person and to evolve. So I’m thankful for that job because it was so intense, it was hard sometimes, but I think it’s part of the evolution.

Deap Vally (Lindsey Troy): My family and my friends and all of our health. At the end of the day that’s what I’m super grateful for.

Nick Waterhouse: In 2017, I’m thankful for the resilience of art in the face of an absurd society.

The Roots (Black Thought): I’m thankful for my family and for what will be my legacy, but as an artist I’m thankful for being blessed with all the opportunities that have presented themselves and that continue to present themselves every day with my career.

Deer Tick (John J. McCauley): I’ve got a lot of answers, but I’m just trying to figure out the right one [laughs]. I’m just gonna be sentimental and say that I’m the most thankful that my wife and I are able to support our beautiful daughter by simply doing what we love, which is playing music.

Ibeyi (Lisa-Kaindé Diaz): Oh my God, so many things. I’m thankful for my sister, my producer, for our team, for the chance to be able to do what I like, which is music, for everybody that fights for our freedom, and for life. I’m thankful for life.

Maroon 5 (James Valentine): In 2017, I’m grateful for the First Amendment [laughs]. Thank God the framers of the Constitution put that in because whoever knew we’d ever have a president like this [laughs]. Who knew? Just speak freely and say whatever we want, and that’s the genius of the Constitution.

Big Head Todd and the Monsters (Todd Mohr): I’m thankful that we have a planet and a world still here and I’m extremely thankful to have a job in music. All of us feel very fortunate to be in the band that we are in, to have a career that is as lengthy as ours, and to still feel like we have things to offer.

ARTISTdirect is thankful for all the featured artists, their music and their generosity with their time…