Lo Moon Introduce “Loveless”

The LA-based indie-pop band Lo Moon bring an ethereal charm to their debut single “Loveless” Standing at just over seven minutes long this is a track that politely refuses to play by the expected rule of making a debut short and radio friendly. However, the expanse of sound, and the duration of the textured, dreamlike passages reward with vision that few other bands dare approach. Wave after wave of controlled power surge through the song, and suggest a greater scheme waiting ahead in the future releases from the band.

Taking the opportunity to speak with Matt Lowell from Lo Moon, ARTISTdirect invited the principle songwriter to introduce his debut song and video, and to offer a little insight into process – from inception to completion. Feast your senses below.

Matt Lowell – “Loveless” has been a living piece of music for many years now. It first stemmed out of a NYC basement in 2011, and was finished in Seattle five years later. 

The song is built solely around the transition from dark to light. We wanted to make sure that from section to section there was a release of emotion, not only in the lyrics but in the music. The lyric suggests a yearning and a trust in yourself but also in your partner, and the people around you. “Take my hand, in belief we trace our steps” How do we move forward if we don’t believe or stand for something, this sentiment is very true for me and is a major part of my moral compass. By the time you hit the bridge the narrative is completely insular. “Battled myself so many times, what I was isn’t what I want now, we can seek denial and search for miles” 

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