GEMOLOGY Introduce “Come Around”

GEMOLOGY first started turning heads and tuning ears to their sound with their debut single, the anthemic “First & Last” back in 2014. Since then, the duo of NYC singer songwriter Joanie Wolkoff and LA based producer/instrumentalist Natasha Chitayat have been developing their sound and polishing material to match the standard of that first impression. Now happy to release their new track, the infection “Come Around” the bi-coastal collaborators appear to be setting their sites on higher, longer lasting impact.

ARTISTdirect caught up with Joanie and Natasha to offer them the opportunity to offer insights into their rare and modern partnership, and to introduce their new track, the highly compelling “Come Around”

GEMOLOGY: “It’s the year 2016. Deadly cyborgs known as “computers” have afforded us the ability to collaborate musically over great distances, so the logical response to moving across the country from a musical partner-in-crime is to take advantage of that.

For months, we’d been navigating our single “Come Around” bi-coastally via the deep dark internet. Numerous texts, emails, MP3s and one LA-to-NYC flight later, we holed up in engineer Lisa Hickox’s Brooklyn studio and brought this single to life.

Joanie showed up with these boxed instant quinoa mixes she’d just bought in a bundle sale and we ate them while Lisa’s scruffy, slightly-overweight daschunds made sad eyes at us. They wanted some too. They were also curious about the track.

Joanie explained to the little dogs that that what makes Natasha’s production choices so interesting is her way with out-of-left-field embellishment. “Come Around” is a synthy dream pop anthem by most accounts but then Natasha went and did it up with trap percussion accents and a hot wash of synthetic base that keep the whole operation perched on the brink of OTT.

The daschunds agreed.

“Even the edgy live guitar element,” they barked, “lends to this recording’s genre-fluidity.”

(we at GEMOLOGY pride ourselves on being fluent in dogspeak)

Our engineer’s pets cocked their wee heads at us when they heard our song’s title.

We explained that “Come Around” refers to what happens when the rapport between two people finally click into place.

“So why didn’t you call the track ‘Click Into Place,” growled the sassy dogs.

We broke it down for them:

We felt that “Come Around” had a nicer ring to it. It conjures a sense of long awaited visits, that “ahah!” moment when two people grow past the point of only seeing one another at face value. When you ‘come around’ with someone, you finally get one another. It becomes the real thing.

Then, a nugget of instant quinoa mix fell from Joanie’s bowl to the floor, at which point all bets were off. Our canine conversation came to an abrupt close as the creatures lunged at the tasty morsel.

If you listen very closely, they say that you can hear the dogs’ backing vocals on this single.”

Download GEMOLOGY”Come Around” from iTunes

For more information visit the GEMOLOGY hub on ARTISTdirect

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