Front Porch Lights Introduce “Go On Ahead”

Conor Standish shares an insight to the quietly encouraging EP, “Go On Ahead”

Fronted by Conor Standish the indie rock quintet of Front Porch Lights have just released their new EP Go On Ahead, produced by Jim Stewart (Welshly Arms, Lighthouse, The Whaler) in Cleveland.

The new music of Front Porch Lights is much more humble, reflective and intimate than previous crowd funding campaigns that saw a whole lot of underpant action. This is singer-songwriter work in a pretty high order, as Americana and smooth tempos explore themes of small scale, that carry the burdens and blessings of the world at large. Smart, incisive and incredibly melodic, Front Porch Lights are a band worth keeping an ear on.

ARTISTdirect invited Conor Standish to introduce the new EP, and to offer some perspective on the inception, construction, and delivery of the project. Here’s what he said…

Conor Standish:

“This EP is a tribute to togetherness – being with friends and family, thinking you’re completely alone when you’re not, being another sheep in the herd, standing together for what’s right, letting a loved one go for a while but knowing you’ll be together again, allowing someone in that can push you to be better, or simply cracking open a cold one with your boys on a Saturday. We all have struggles and it’s a constant battle telling ourselves that we’re not the only ones going through something. Social media constantly reminds us of how “perfect” everyone else’s lives are and that can tend to bottle us up and question our entire existence. That’s a crock of shit and we’re out to prove it.

The first Front Porch Lights album was done with hired guns in California in 2015, so this is the first EP with the new band. We all hang out a bunch outside of playing music and have become great friends, which we think comes through in these songs and in our live shows. We look at this group of songs as a fresh start in a direction of what we want our music to sound like and what we want it to stand for. We recorded this EP with Jim Stewart at his brand new studio, Superior Sound. We were the very first band to record there, with the smell of paint and cedar wood in the air. It added another level of new beginnings and we couldn’t be happier with how it all went. “

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