Arc Waves Introduce “Walking In Space”

Brandon Jaffe unveils the band’s lush new single

Arc Waves

Elaine Lachica and Brandon Jaffe met in Brooklyn in 2013 and quickly discovered a sonic chemistry. Shortly after, the two formed Arc Waves with Mike Hodges, later adding multi-instrumentalist Joe Beach. Over the past four years, the band has continued to add layers and depth to their sound, creating lush, dark textures that wash across the ear drums and down the spine. Their expansive resonance allows the group to dive lyrically inward, exploring connections between mind, self, and the surrounding world.

Arc Waves released their self-titled EP back in 2014, and now return with their debut LP, the sound the circle. The album was recorded during a five-day marathon session at Brooklyn’s Rare Book Room Studios, and is produced by Gabe Wax – known for his previous work with Beirut, Cass McCombs, and The War on Drugs, amongst others. It will be released first on cassette tape only on October 14th, as part of Cassette Store Day 2017. On November 17th, the record will then be officially released and become available across all digital and streaming services in addition to cassette tape.

ARTISTdirect invited Brandon Jaffe to introduce the first single from the album, “Walking In Space”. Here’s what he said:

Arc Waves:

As as a band, we typically spend a month or two to write a new song. Walking in Space, however, clicked for us right away. Brandon sent Elaine a few guitar loops he was working on, to which Elaine composed melody over a drone-y guitar loop. In the next band writing session, Joe, our bass player, came up with an ornate keyboard part on the Juno 106. This is also the first track on which Joe sang harmony vocals. Mike created a drum part that heightened the hypnotic feel and once Elaine added another guitar part to Brandon’s lead guitar, the structure of the song was in place. It took two full band sessions in all. The recording is very close to how the song was originally conceived, we didn’t really change anything in the studio. The lyrics describe the process of exploring and expanding consciousness through life experiences, nature, mysticism, and art.

‘Walking In Space’

Heavenly Bodies
One Single Breath
Walking In Space
Everything I see is Upside Down

They’re all on fire
They all have light

Vision Quest
The Pure, the Prophet’s Conversation
Glimpses of Eternity
Pouring through me

Eternal Breath
Running Wild
Into the Ground
Running Wild  

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