Warm Brew Introduce “I Swear”

Serk Spliff, Ray Wright & Manu Li share the video with sweet hip hop promise

Warm Brew, the trio of Serk Spliff, Ray Wright and Manu Li have been dressing up and making a firm commitment to stylish hip hop served with West Coast swag. Their recent release “I Swear” stands as a good point of reference to the the likes of De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest – heroes of the Santa Monica friends who grew up making music together.  This is easy-going friendly stuff that comes from the sun and celebrates life and all it’s issues with a calm knowledge of all things passing.

Co-directed by Skyler Dahan and fellow Los Angeles creative, Richard Massie of Those Folks, “I Swear” features Compton rapper Buddy, and uses the L.A. backyard party as a character in the story of good times.

Here’s what Warm Brew had to say about their latest video offering.

Serk Spliff:

“This song to me is a reminder of the steady crescendo our lives have been on since deciding to bet it all and make Warm Brew. We’ve been through the ups and downs but regardless of what was happening outside the studio, music was always a place we could continue to grow as people and artists. The song is a good time, to be played loudly always and in any setting…The video was a great way for us to showcase the way we live and what our version of normalcy is. Those Folks and Warm Brew will forever be linked on some family shit.”

Ray Wright:

“To sum up the video up in one word, it would be growth. It’s a track about improving every year while doin’ it the way that you want. There’s no real plot to the video, we wanted to showcase working on productive things together, while still having fun in an environment for age groups. Warm Brew loves da kids. We’ve always collaborated and worked with our good friend Richard Massie but this was the first time we had him produce and direct a video for us. I believe Richard and Skylar delivered a video that shows the type of positivity we felt was needed for our fans and people going through tough times.”

Manu Li:

“When making “I Swear,” Al B. played some bangers and this was one of the standouts. I thought about blessed situation and about our progression as a group. The video is a product of a simple day with a camera. Richard has always had our backs so we gave him the camera.”

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