SIMS Shares Elements Of Sonic DNA

Doomtree rapper SIMS is back with More Than Ever, his third full length solo album since debut Lights Out Paris. Once again recruiting long time collaborators Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger and ICETEP SIMS continues his signature sound of big noise and brilliant rhymes.

After many long days and nights sequestered in his South Minneapolis basement, Sims emerged with the most honest first-person account he’s ever recorded–he wrestles with some demons, faces down his doubts, and allows us in on the dirty work of change and growth and revelation. This album may well be his finest today.

ARTISTdirect caught up with SIMS to skim through his musical memories and to talk through some of the informative sounds that build his sonic DNA.

First single I bought: 

“If I Ever Fall in Love” Shai

First live show I attended:

Green Day, Roy Wilkins Auditorium, 1994

First song I learned to play:

Foxy Lady …kinda…

The song that encouraged me to learn my instrument of choice:

It’s not a song for me, but three albums for sure solidified some things throughout the years: ATLiens by Outkast, Float by Aesop Rock, Wu Tang Forever

The song that reminds me of home:

“I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince. That guitar riff is it own home.

My guilty secret track:

“Toxic” by Britany Spears…or “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

The song I wish I wrote:

“Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel (or “Toxic” by Britany Spears…or “Sorry” by Justin Bieber)

The song I’ve written of which I’m most proud:

“Flash Paper”. I think I subtlety tucked a lot humanity into that one.

The song that should be played at my funeral:

“Con Te Parteo” while an olympian shoots and flaming arrow from a mountain top into my white linen wrapped body on the raft about to carry me over a waterfall, while people line the riverbed mourning hysterically.

My favorite track from my most recent project:


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