The Faint Talk Through Musical Memories

The Faint are currently celebrating the release of CAPSULE: 1999-2016, an album that celebrates seventeen years of synthesizers, swagger and blank wave of dance rock music.

The band’s consistent evolution cemented their status as one of the most forward thinking and influential forces in dance-rock. The new album of collected soundstakes the bands most renowned output over that timespan, while also taking a look at while the future holds for the acclaimed Omaha electro-punks, with new tracks “Skylab1979” and “ESP.”

Feeling reflective ARTISTdirect interviews took the opportunity to speak with Todd Fink about the influences behind his music, and the sounds that shaped his ears and the way they appreciate art.

First single I bought…

“Our House” Madness. I was so stoked to play this over and over on my cousin’s jukebox. This was the first “single” I remember looking for but soon afterwards I signed up for this cassette club where you stick stamps of the records you want onto an order form. each album was only 1 cent. I may have made an empty promise to pay full price for some of the albums in future.

First live show I attended:

George Thorogood and the Destroyers – as a 3rd grader I believe. My cool uncle jack took me to the arena to see him. I think he knew that I liked that “bad to the bone” song. I remember being so confused about why he would have like 20 of what looked to me like the same exact white guitars all lined up next to each other. We were up pretty close with all of the leathered bikers. It was the first time I smelled pot. Although I’m not sure how I knew that that was what it was.

First song I learned to play…

“Gouge Away” – Pixies. I learned how to play it by studying the song in headphones in the back seat on a family vacation. I marked each of the drum sounds I heard with X’s , O’s, and /’s then tapped the seats until I could kinda do it. I wrote down what I thought Black Francis was saying (made no sense to me). I drew shapes that represented the notes and patterns on the bass. (In hindsight, I’m amazed that this worked at all. The bass part is easy but very odd.) When I got home I wrestled with a four track recorder until I had all of the instruments recorded.

The song that encouraged me to learn my instrument of choice:

I’m not much of a Kiss fan but I did kind of like the movie they made that takes place in their theme park. Anyway, I was at my babysitters house; after falling asleep listening to “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss, I woke up from a dream where I was getting sounds out of a guitar that no one had ever heard before. I didn’t start playing guitar then but much later, when I decided that synths were more interesting than guitars, I remember thinking of this dream.

The song that reminds me of home…

“State Trooper” – Bruce Springsteen – His Nebraska record is perfect for driving at night on the long dark highways of the midwest (and especially my home state of Nebraska). This song may remind you of the band Suicide. I’ve heard that it’s no coincidence. I think Bruce used to play “dream baby dream” in his live sets back then.

My guilty secret track…

Jordy – “Ooh La La Baby”

The song I wish I wrote…

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven You all know how good it is. It makes sincere vocal songs sound like lunatics yammering nonsensically.

The finest song from my all time hero…

”Jumping Someone Else’s Train” – The Cure

The song I’ve written of which I’m most proud:

“Worked Up So Sexual”

The song that should be played at my funeral:

Behind The Bushes – The Knife It’s such a cinematic instrumental. A great balance of sad and heroic. Futuristic and traditional.

My favorite track from my most recent project:

 “Young & Realistic” (with the video)

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