Colby Jansen and Brenner Bolton

‘Gods Of Men’ take a bunch of porn stars on holiday to a beautiful beach along with who film anything, and everything that happens.

As you can guess, these fit young gay men have fun in the sea, but even more behind closed doors when they get to do what they do best: fuck like a bunch of dogs on heat. Exclusive to this gay adult paysite, Colby Jansen, and Brenner Bolton are the fun loving couple in this great hardcore episode.

After a day on the beach swimming, snorkelling and teasing each other with their muscular hard bodies, gay pornstars Colby Jansen and Brenner Bolton decide it’s time to go back to their hotel room for a little more fun and games.

Brenner sit down on an arm chair in just his underpants showing off his muscular chest as Colby kisses him on the lips at first, then he makes his way down kissing Brenner’s sensitive hard nipples. Brenner bites his bottom lip as Colby goes even further down until his hand rests on the top of Brenner’s cock which is still trapped inside his pants. After kissing his dick through his pants, Colby pulls them down, gently holds onto Brenner’s already hard dick like it’s going to break, and teases his cock with his tongue. Brenner’s breathing gets heavier as he feels Colby’s tongue under his foreskin, and then he makes an excited sigh as Colby plays with his ball sack, and sucks his hard dick at the same time. Brenner closes his eyes when he feels one of Colby’s fingers inter his asshole, and then finger fucks him slowly whilst he carries on sucking on his now aching hard dick.

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Brenner sucks on Colby’s dick, and then bends over on his hands and knees on the arm chair with Colby behind him, licking his ass one moment, and then fingering it the next getting it ready for Colby’s seven inch dick.
Colby stands up and as he does he makes Brenner, and himself moan and groan out with a deep pleasure, as Colby’s sinks his cock slowly into Brenner’s smooth tight asshole. The camera zooms in so close you feel you could lick and taste Colby’s cock as he drives his cock into Brenner’s moist warm crack.

Brenner Bolton sits on top of Colby Jansen’s exclusive gay cock and rides on it until he can’t hold his cum back any longer and as it flies out, it splatters over his strong smooth thigh. Colby gets Brenner to get underneath him to suck on his balls as he jerks franticly on his throbbing dick, and when he cums, he cums all over Brenner’s unshaved chin, and cock-sucking lips.

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Brenner Bolton is unbelievably cute with a smooth chest, short brown hair, and has very sexy hazel eyes, which still have an innocence about them even after staring in plenty of porn films, including 15 of them for Brenner always manages to get a whole load of fans watching anything he is in, which includes his very first gay movie for this adult tube, where almost 50,000 horny men watched him getting his super sexy tight asshole getting rammed by Sebastian Young. Brenner is a six feet tall versatile young man who has a six and a half inch uncut dick.

Colby Jansen is an exclusive star to, and before he got into the porn business he was a full time rugby player. In fact, Colby was close to making the USA men’s national team but didn’t quite make it, and now, as well as porn, he plays rugby for Southern Ontario Canada. Colby is married to Gia Darling, who is a transgendered porn star and he loves having gay sex with men and women. He has a hairy powerful six foot one inch body covered in tattoos; he has blonde hair, gentle blue eyes and he is a top man with a seven inch cut dick.

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