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The Real Houseboys Of West Hollywood part 1

‘Drill My Hole’ show off the best men, in the best hardcore gay porn movies around, thanks to the award winning team, Every flick they play has high quality sound with an amazing clear picture, and they also go to the best places and they give you that extra mile that so many others don’t. This brand new series kicks off with the athletic and smooth young man, Johnny Rapid, and the slightly older and hairy, Alex Lebue.

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Johnny Rapid is lying outside by the poolside. All he has got on is a pair of swimming briefs and a pair of sunglasses. He looks hot, and I don’t mean from the sun that is beating down on his smooth, young, tender flesh. He hasn’t been a houseboy for long, but is loving every minute of it. Alex Lebue turns up looking for Jay, Johnny’s boss and fuck buddy. Alex is stinking rich and normally gets what he wants, but sometimes Jay gets in their first and beats him to it, so it turns into some sort of competition.

The truth is, that Alex hasn’t really come to see Jay, he has known Johnny for a while now, and that’s what he really wants. Johnny knows this, and being the young slut that he is, he soon gets Alex to follow him into the bedroom.

Johnny can hardly contain his excitement at getting Alex in the bedroom as he sits on the bed and quickly yanks down Alex’s pants and starts gobbling on his eight inch uncut dick. Alex has his white shirt undone showing off his muscular hairy body and looking down as Luks deep throats his cock. He throws his shirt off and then slaps Johnny’s cock sucking lips with his rock hard dick and face-fucks Johnny back. Johnny makes sure that Alex’s cock is dripping wet and then looks up at him and tells him that he wants him to fuck his ass.

Johnny lies down on his side and pulls a leg up showing off his eager asshole. Alex smacks his butt cheek a few times and then slips in behind him. Johnny’s cock throbs as he feels Alex’s cock slipping in and splitting his ass wide open as he totally fills his crack with his cock. Johnny moans and groans as Alex pumps his cock in and out of him, going slowly one minute, and quickly the next, and then back to slow again. He knows exactly what he is doing as he works Johnny’s up into a sexual frenzy.

The bed creaks as Johnny then gets up and sits on top of Alex so that he can fuck him back with his tight hole. It’s mesmerizing as you can’t help but watch Johnny’s cock bouncing up and down as he rides him hard and fast.

There is no stopping these two hunky men as the excitement builds and builds until Luks Adams howls out and his cum spurts out and lands on his smooth body. Johnny Rapid barely has enough time to whip his condom off when his cock erupts and his spunk sprays like lava and mixes up with Johnny’s cum dribbling down him.
When they have finished Johnny tells Adam that he hears he is looking for a new houseboy. Alex smiles and takes him on straight away, winning one back for his competitor, Jay.

This is Alex Lebue’s first hardcore porn flick with He is good looking and mature. He has a hot body full of dark hair and has a few tattoos. He is a top and has an eight inch uncut cock. He has short cropped brown hair, brown eyes and is six foot tall.
Johnny Rapid on the other hand has been in twenty four hardcore flicks for and even won the best new comer in the gay porn industry this year. He is sweet, young and has got an amazing smooth tight bubble butt. He is a versatile bottom and has a seven inch cut dick and is incredibly flexible and can get into position we can only dream about. H has shirt brown hair, cheeky green eyes and is five feet seven inches tall.…

Str8 To Gay – Taking Down The Conservatives Part 1 – MENcom

Filmed by, ‘Taking Down The Conservatives Part 1’, released by Str8 To Gay, is a hardcore movie starring Eddie Walker and Griffin Barrows. Its release is perfect timing considering what is going on in the world today in politics. What makes this even more exciting is that this is Griffin Barrows first hardcore movie with
It’s always good to see a man having his virginity been taken away on film, especially as he is trying to interview Eddie Walker, who is starring as an anti-gay conservative. That’s something else that makes this movie even better, is the fact that the imagination is a great thing, I mean, what would you love to do to an anti-gay politician if you had him to yourself in a hotel room? Wouldn’t you like to show him what being gay is all about? He may be straight, but as we all know, there is no such thing as a 100 percent straight man. spend weeks building up this adult site

Str8 To Gay offers an incredible 417 exclusive DRM free hardcore movies and updates it weekly. The movies are offered in MP4 format, and each scene is available in three broadband sizes. The largest is full HD which is 1,920 x 1,080 which are of the highest quality with great sound. There are also three different sizes of streaming movies and can be downloaded.

Most of these movies come with sets of photographs which are also great quality and are sized at 1,663 x 2,449.
Str8 To Gay is all about hot tops who want to bugger straight men, or even straight men getting their first piece of male ass and loving it. Str8 To Gay offers us 147 hardcore movies. It’s full of horny guys with dicks of all sizes that are desperate to get sucked, or to feel the inside of a straight man’s tight asshole as his muscles clamp tight around their cock like a vice, as they slide their cocks deep into up to their heavy balls. And guys maybe jerking off over a young twinks, or a muscular man’s face, and seeing it spurt all over them…
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This movie stars Eddie Walker, and this is only his second hardcore movie for His first movie was ‘Dad VS Stepdad’ in which thousands of men jerked off as he pounded Dennis west’s tight daddy ass and shot his thick creamy jizz all over him. Eddie is a six foot two inch hunk with brown hair and smiling brown eyes. He is a n eager top with a six inch cut dick and a muscular ass.
Newcomer to Griffin Barrows is another hunky man. He has a lovely body with a few hairs on his chest but not too many. He has a handsome face with a designer beard and beautiful blue eyes. Griffin is five feet eleven inches tall, and he is versatile with a six and a half inch cock; and as rumours go, he has the most amazing tight asshole.

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Griffin Barrows stars as an undercover reporter as he goes to a conservative convention. He has a theory that these antigay politicians are all hiding something. The first person he is going to talk to about this is Eddie Walker who has always tried to stop same sex marriages and civil partnerships. Eddie agrees to a meeting in Griffin’s hotel room where Griffin has got a camera rolling in readiness for the interview.
As the interview goes along, Griffin askes Eddie if he is married, and if so, why doesn’t he wear his wedding ring. Eddie tells him that they have gone off the subject and tries to leave. Griffin tells him that he knows why he doesn’t wear his ring, as he has been watching his eyes as they keep going between his legs. Eddie goes to move, but Griffin plants a big kiss on his lips. Eddie can’t refuse, and is soon lying on top of Griffin on the bed kissing him back.

Griffin strip down to his underpants as Eddie kneels up in the bed with his suit still on, but he is quick and eager to release his hard cock from his pants. Griffin gets on his knees and takes Eddies delicious cock into his mouth and begins to suck him off. Eddie sure loves his cock being sucked from another guy as he sighs out deeply with pleasure. Griffin deep throats his cock, and it feels so good for Eddie that he face fucks him and makes grunting noises with each quick thrust of his hips.

Eddie strips naked showing of his muscular physic and bends over to lick Griffin’s delicious asshole. This time it’s Griffin’s turn to moan out with excitement as it’s obvious that Eddie has licked more than one ass before. Eddie shoves his tongue as deep in as he can go and rubs Griffin’s asshole with his finger at the same time. With Griffin’s face in the pillow, Eddie kneels up behind him and rams his cock all the way up to his balls deep in Griffin’s dripping wet hole as he fucks him doggy style.

They get into the 69 position and suck on each other’s throbbing cocks and lick their balls. Griffin then rides Eddie’s cock for a while, and his cock spurts out of him when Eddie’s spoons his dick back into him. Eddie Walker, the antigay politician then jerks his cock and shoots his cum over Griffin Burrow’s face and beard.
Str8 To gay has got lots to offer, and with so many different story lines with men licking assholes and close up butt-fucking, you can’t go wrong, and there must be something for everyone. Most gay men have at some point in their lives dreamt about fucking a straight man. Maybe it’s been in the shower, or down a back ally, or even at work, let your imagination go, and watch these fantastic hardcore movies. You are bound to get a stuff cock, and before you know it, you cum will be all over the keyboard.…

Colby Jansen and Brenner Bolton

‘Gods Of Men’ take a bunch of porn stars on holiday to a beautiful beach along with who film anything, and everything that happens.

As you can guess, these fit young gay men have fun in the sea, but even more behind closed doors when they get to do what they do best: fuck like a bunch of dogs on heat. Exclusive to this gay adult paysite, Colby Jansen, and Brenner Bolton are the fun loving couple in this great hardcore episode.

After a day on the beach swimming, snorkelling and teasing each other with their muscular hard bodies, gay pornstars Colby Jansen and Brenner Bolton decide it’s time to go back to their hotel room for a little more fun and games.

Brenner sit down on an arm chair in just his underpants showing off his muscular chest as Colby kisses him on the lips at first, then he makes his way down kissing Brenner’s sensitive hard nipples. Brenner bites his bottom lip as Colby goes even further down until his hand rests on the top of Brenner’s cock which is still trapped inside his pants. After kissing his dick through his pants, Colby pulls them down, gently holds onto Brenner’s already hard dick like it’s going to break, and teases his cock with his tongue. Brenner’s breathing gets heavier as he feels Colby’s tongue under his foreskin, and then he makes an excited sigh as Colby plays with his ball sack, and sucks his hard dick at the same time. Brenner closes his eyes when he feels one of Colby’s fingers inter his asshole, and then finger fucks him slowly whilst he carries on sucking on his now aching hard dick.

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Brenner sucks on Colby’s dick, and then bends over on his hands and knees on the arm chair with Colby behind him, licking his ass one moment, and then fingering it the next getting it ready for Colby’s seven inch dick.
Colby stands up and as he does he makes Brenner, and himself moan and groan out with a deep pleasure, as Colby’s sinks his cock slowly into Brenner’s smooth tight asshole. The camera zooms in so close you feel you could lick and taste Colby’s cock as he drives his cock into Brenner’s moist warm crack.

Brenner Bolton sits on top of Colby Jansen’s exclusive gay cock and rides on it until he can’t hold his cum back any longer and as it flies out, it splatters over his strong smooth thigh. Colby gets Brenner to get underneath him to suck on his balls as he jerks franticly on his throbbing dick, and when he cums, he cums all over Brenner’s unshaved chin, and cock-sucking lips.

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Brenner Bolton is unbelievably cute with a smooth chest, short brown hair, and has very sexy hazel eyes, which still have an innocence about them even after staring in plenty of porn films, including 15 of them for Brenner always manages to get a whole load of fans watching anything he is in, which includes his very first gay movie for this adult tube, where almost 50,000 horny men watched him getting his super sexy tight asshole getting rammed by Sebastian Young. Brenner is a six feet tall versatile young man who has a six and a half inch uncut dick.

Colby Jansen is an exclusive star to, and before he got into the porn business he was a full time rugby player. In fact, Colby was close to making the USA men’s national team but didn’t quite make it, and now, as well as porn, he plays rugby for Southern Ontario Canada. Colby is married to Gia Darling, who is a transgendered porn star and he loves having gay sex with men and women. He has a hairy powerful six foot one inch body covered in tattoos; he has blonde hair, gentle blue eyes and he is a top man with a seven inch cut dick.…