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The Real Houseboys Of West Hollywood part 1

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Johnny Rapid is lying outside by the poolside. All he has got on is a pair of swimming briefs and a pair of sunglasses. He looks hot, and I don’t mean from the sun that is beating down on his smooth, young, tender flesh. He hasn’t been a houseboy for long, but is loving every minute of it. Alex Lebue turns up looking for Jay, Johnny’s boss and fuck buddy. Alex is stinking rich and normally gets what he wants, but sometimes Jay gets in their first and beats him to it, so it turns into some sort of competition.

The truth is, that Alex hasn’t really come to see Jay, he has known Johnny for a while now, and that’s what he really wants. Johnny knows this, and being the young slut that he is, he soon gets Alex to follow him into the bedroom.

Johnny can hardly contain his excitement at getting Alex in the bedroom as he sits on the bed and quickly yanks down Alex’s pants and starts gobbling on his eight inch uncut dick. Alex has his white shirt undone showing off his muscular hairy body and looking down as Luks deep throats his cock. He throws his shirt off and then slaps Johnny’s cock sucking lips with his rock hard dick and face-fucks Johnny back. Johnny makes sure that Alex’s cock is dripping wet and then looks up at him and tells him that he wants him to fuck his ass.

Johnny lies down on his side and pulls a leg up showing off his eager asshole. Alex smacks his butt cheek a few times and then slips in behind him. Johnny’s cock throbs as he feels Alex’s cock slipping in and splitting his ass wide open as he totally fills his crack with his cock. Johnny moans and groans as Alex pumps his cock in and out of him, going slowly one minute, and quickly the next, and then back to slow again. He knows exactly what he is doing as he works Johnny’s up into a sexual frenzy.

The bed creaks as Johnny then gets up and sits on top of Alex so that he can fuck him back with his tight hole. It’s mesmerizing as you can’t help but watch Johnny’s cock bouncing up and down as he rides him hard and fast.

There is no stopping these two hunky men as the excitement builds and builds until Luks Adams howls out and his cum spurts out and lands on his smooth body. Johnny Rapid barely has enough time to whip his condom off when his cock erupts and his spunk sprays like lava and mixes up with Johnny’s cum dribbling down him.
When they have finished Johnny tells Adam that he hears he is looking for a new houseboy. Alex smiles and takes him on straight away, winning one back for his competitor, Jay.

This is Alex Lebue’s first hardcore porn flick with He is good looking and mature. He has a hot body full of dark hair and has a few tattoos. He is a top and has an eight inch uncut cock. He has short cropped brown hair, brown eyes and is six foot tall.
Johnny Rapid on the other hand has been in twenty four hardcore flicks for and even won the best new comer in the gay porn industry this year. He is sweet, young and has got an amazing smooth tight bubble butt. He is a versatile bottom and has a seven inch cut dick and is incredibly flexible and can get into position we can only dream about. H has shirt brown hair, cheeky green eyes and is five feet seven inches tall.…